Mellanox Spectrum-4 SN5600 64 OSFP Port 800GbE Ethernet Switch

SKU: SN5600
Manufacturer: Mellanox/NVIDIA
Spectrum-4 based 800GbE Ethernet Switch, 64 OSFP 800GbE + 1 SFP28 25GbE More details...
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Mellanox Spectrum-4 SN5600 64 OSFP Port 800GbE Ethernet Switch
Mellanox Spectrum-4 SN5600 64 OSFP Port 800GbE Ethernet Switch
Product Details
SN5600 64-Port 800GbE Switch

The NVIDIA Spectrum™ SN5000 series of Ethernet switches is the fifth generation of NVIDIA Ethernet switches, purpose-built to accelerate data center fabrics. With port speeds spanning from 10 to 800 gigabits per second (Gb/s), the SN5000 series switches deliver accelerated Ethernet to every data center without compromising performance or feature set.

The SN5000 series is ideal for enabling cloud-scale infrastructures for data centers of any size. SN5000 switch systems provide high performance, consistent low latency, and support for advanced data center networking features, making them ideal for cloud networks and end-to-end data center fabrics.

Powered by the NVIDIA Spectrum-4 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), the SN5000 series features dynamic, flexible shared buffers and predictable performance. SN5000 switches are built to accelerate clouds and power NVIDIA platforms, including the NVIDIA Spectrum-X networking platform, NVIDIA EGX™, NVIDIA DGX™, NVIDIA HGX™, and NVIDIA OVX™, and AI software tools such as NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA LaunchPad.

As part of the Spectrum platform, SN5000 systems are pretested and prevalidated with NVIDIA’s full portfolio of Ethernet networking technology, including NVIDIA® BlueField® SuperNICs and data processing units (DPUs), ConnectX® smart network interface cards (SmartNICs), and LinkX® interconnects. While each element is fully compatible with standard Ethernet fabrics, the end-to-end switch-to-host solution is critical to powering accelerated workloads, delivering the high performance and innovative features needed to supercharge AI and cloud-native applications at scale.

  • Up to 800Gb/s per port for 51.2Tb/s aggregate switch bandwidth
  • Fully shared packet buffer provides a fair, predictable, and high-bandwidth data path
  • Consistent and low cut-through latency
  • Accelerated remote direct- memory access (RDMA) over converged Ethernet (RoCE) with extensions for AI cloud servers built on Ethernet
  • Best-in-class Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) scale
  • 512,000 forwarding entries flexibly shared across access control list (ACL), longest prefix match (LPM) routes, host routes, media access control list (MAC), equal-cost multi-path (ECMP), and tunnel applications

Agility and Security
  • Comprehensive layer 2 and layer 3
  • Advanced network virtualization with high-performance, single-pass VXLAN routing
  • Cloud-scale network address translation (NAT)
  • Programmable pipeline that can programmatically parse, process, and edit packets
  • Up to 12.8Tb/s MACsec VXLANsec encryption (available Q2 2024)
  • Secured switch offerings via hardware root of trust

  • NVIDIA What Just Happened® (WJH) telemetry dramatically reduces mean time to issue resolution
  • Hardware-accelerated histograms powered by NetQ track and summarize queue depths at submicrosecond granularity
  • Inband network telemetry (INT)
  • Streaming telemetry
  • 512,000 on-chip flow counters

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