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Ragile RA-B6920-32QC2X 32-Port 400GbE ONIE Switch with SONiC OS - Part ID: RA-B6920-32QC2X

SKU: RA-B6920-32QC2X
Manufacturer: Ragile Networks
32× 400G QSFP-DD, Broadcom BCM56980 (Tomahawk III), Intel Xeon D-1527 CPU, 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power supplies, Front-to-rear or reversed cooling, SONiC OS More details...
Price: $28,699.00
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Ragile RA-B6920-32QC2X 32-Port 400GbE ONIE Switch with SONiC OS - Part ID: RA-B6920-32QC2X
Ragile RA-B6920-32QC2X 32-Port 400GbE ONIE Switch with SONiC OS - Part ID: RA-B6920-32QC2X
Product Details
RA-B6920-32QC2X 400GbE Data Center Switch

The Ragile RA-B6920-32QC2X is a new generation high performance and high density 400GbE switch designed for cloud-scale datacenter and campus networks, which provide a powerful cache capacity and advanced scheduling mechanism driven large scale line-rate non-blocking network.

RA-B6920-32QC2X based on Broadcom BCM56980 chipset deliver 32 400GbE QSFP-DD ports in 1RU systems with an overall throughput of 25.6Tbps. RA-B6920-32QC2X support industry standard optics and cables allowing for ease of migration to 400G. All ports allow a choice of speeds including 400GbE, 200GbE or 100GbE, up to 128 interfaces. RA-B6920-32QC2X switch support latency as low as 700ns in cut-through mode, and a 64 MB packet buffer with a large shared pool allowing for superior burst absorption compared to systems with fixed port buffering.

Key Features

High Performance
  • 32 × QSFP-DD 400GbE Ports & 2 × SFP+ 10GbE Ports
  • Highest density 400GbE in compact 1RU
  • Flexible 100GbE, 200GbE and 400GbE support
  • Up to 25.6 Tbps (full duplex)
  • Up to 8 Bpps
  • Wire speed L2 and L3 forwarding
  • Latency from 700ns for 400GbE (cut-through mode)

Resilient Configuration
  • Broadcom BCM56980 (Tomahawk III)
  • Intel Xeon D-1527 Processor (Formerly Broadwell DE)
  • System memory 8GB DRAM

Data Center Optimized Design
  • 32 port of 400GbE ports in 1RU
  • Typical power of under 14W per port
  • Over 94% efficient power supplies
  • 1+1 redundant & hot-swappable power
  • 5+1 redundant & hot-swappable fans
  • Front-to-rear cooling
  • Tool less maintenance and simple installation

Cloud Networking Ready
  • 128-way ECMP for hyper-scale networks
  • Dynamic Load Balancing for advanced multi-pathing
  • Advanced Congestion Management for NVMe and AI workloads
  • Flow aware traffic scheduling
  • Shared 64MB Buffer with burst absorption
  • Up to 8K MAC and 16K Host entries
  • Over 960K IPv4 Routes
  • Over 960K IPv6 Routes

  • Switch is loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) software installer and OpenBMC
  • NOS compatibility: Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC)

* Above is the maximum capacity that the switching chip can provide.

NOTE: The Ragile RA-B6920-32QC2X is a bare metal switch hardware system with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE). Customer should install networking operation system before use, or contact Ragile Networks INC. for OS support.

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