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Netronome Agilio LX PCIe Adapter Card - Part ID: ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT

Manufacturer: Netronome
PCIe-compatible adapter card for use with Agilio LX ISA-6480 SmartNIC More details...
Price: $999.00
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Netronome Agilio LX  PCIe Adapter Card - Part ID: ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT
Netronome Agilio LX PCIe Adapter Card - Part ID: ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT
Product Details
Netronome Agilio LX PCIe Adapter Card

The ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT Agilio LX PCIe Adapter card provides a supplementary PCIe interface into an Agilio LX SmartNIC over Netronome-supplied PCIE1 copper cables. This gives the Agilio LX SmartNIC two PCIe gen. 3, x8 interfaces, which doubles the card’s throughput to and from the host CPU. The Agilio LX PCIer adapter card can be used in systems that support a half-length, or longer, x8 PCIe 3.0 (“PCIe gen 3”) card. This card is a half-height, half-length card, and occupies a single PCIe slot.

The ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT card can only be used in conjunction with an Agilio LX SmartNIC, and has no standalone function. One Agilio LX PCIe adapter card may be connected to one ISA-6480 series card only.

Caution! While the PCIE1 cables used to connect the Agilio LX SmartNIC and ISAPCIE-CBL-ADPT card together use the same connector style as the OCulink cable specification, PCIE1 cables are not pin-compatible with the OCulink specification. Only Netronome-supplied PCIE1 cables may be used for this interface! Two PCIE1 cables are provided with each ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT card.

Power and Ratings Information: The Agilio LX PCIe Adapter card is powered from the host system’s PCIe slot only, and uses less than 10W of power.

Environmental, operating humidity and airflow requirements for an ISA-PCIE-CBL-ADPT card may be considered the same as for the Agilio LX network processor card that it is installed with.

Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year

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