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Solarflare XtremeScale X2541 Single-Port 100GbE NIC - Part ID: X2541

SKU: X2541
Manufacturer: Solarflare
Single-Port 100GbE Ultra-Low Latency Network Adapter More details...
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Solarflare XtremeScale X2541 Single-Port 100GbE NIC - Part ID: X2541
Solarflare XtremeScale X2541 Single-Port 100GbE NIC - Part ID: X2541
Product Details
XtremeScale X2541

The X2541 single-port 10/25/40/50/100GbE Ethernet network adapter is the most powerful member of the X2 family of XtremeScale® products that redefine the price/performance of standard adapters for modern data centers.

Designed from the ground up for virtualized dense server environments Solarflare XtremeScale X2 adapters are the most cost-effective network adapters in the industry for Ethernet connectivity. At the same time, XtremeScale acceleration provides record-breaking low latency and throughput needed for today’s modern class of applications. X2 is the most secure standard adapter with integrated hardware firewalls. XtremeScale X2 is the only general-purpose adapter with 2,048 virtual NICs, a programmable packet processing engine for network off-load and real-time packet/flow capture required by your network performance management and analytics platforms.

Acceleration Services Allow Distributed Apps to Scale-Out
The challenge with distributed apps is keeping hardware and system latency low while scaling to thousands of tasks running across thousands of cores. The X2541 harnesses kernel bypass acceleration to deliver superior small packet performance with hardware latency as low as one-half a microsecond. Solarflare kernel bypass technologies include Onload®, Cloud Onload™ and DPDK acceleration services, providing servers the headroom needed to handle more processes in the same amount of time and with fewer servers.

Solarflare’s Cloud Onload software dramatically accelerates and scales network-intensive applications such as in-memory databases, software load balancers, and web servers. With Cloud Onload, data centers can support 4X or more users on their cloud network while delivering improved reliability, enhanced quality of service (QoS) and higher return on investment, without modification to existing applications.

  • Accelerate Applications – With optional Cloud Onload software technology, the X2451 accelerates nearly all network intensive TCPbased applications
  • Secure Every Server – The first and only solution allowing IT organizations to deploy a layer of security on every server using a general-purpose adapter.
  • NVMe/TCP – The X2541 is qualified on multiple third-party software stacks supporting the NVMe/TCP standard.

XtremeScale X2541
  • 100GbE
  • Single Port
  • Low Profile, MD2
  • PCIe 3.1 x16
  • QSFP28

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