Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switch - 48-Port, Single Power Supply Forward - Part ID: 100SWE48UF1

SKU: 100SWE48UF1
Manufacturer: Intel
48-port 100Gbps, single PS forward More details...
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Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switch - 48-Port, Single Power Supply Forward - Part ID: 100SWE48UF1
Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switch - 48-Port, Single Power Supply Forward - Part ID: 100SWE48UF1
Product Details
Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switch 100 Series

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric Edge Switches, an element of the Intel® Scalable System Framework, are part of an end-to-end product family for HPC fabrics that delivers high performance with breakthrough value. Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) builds on proven technologies from Intel® True Scale Architecture, the Cray Aries* interconnect, and open source software to provide an evolutionary on-ramp to revolutionary new fabric capabilities.

Higher Performance at Lower Cost
Intel® Omni-Path Edge Switches deliver 100 Gbps port bandwidth with latency that stays low even at extreme scale. Second generation Intel fabric switch silicon, with market leading 48 port radix, these switches can lower fabric acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, while simultaneously reducing space and power requirements. With these savings, you can potentially achieve higher total cluster performance within the same hardware budget to expand and accelerate your research.

Flexible Fabrics at Every Scale
Intel® Omni-Path Fabric Edge Switches support HPC clusters of all sizes, from entry-level systems to supercomputers with tens of thousands of server nodes. You can use these switches in combination with Intel® Omni-Path Director Class Switches to build low-latency, multi-tier fabrics with an exceptional set of features for high-speed networking.

High Availability
Intel® Omni-Path Fabric Edge Switches provide integrated support for high availability with advanced features such as power, component-level diagnostics and alarming, and out-of-band management. Innovative features take fabric resilience and availability to new heights without sacrificing performance. Packet Integrity Protection (PIP), for example, provides high packet reliability with latency-free error checking and link-level recovery. Dynamic Lane Scaling (DLS) maintains 75 percent of link bandwidth if a physical lane fails, so HPC workloads can complete gracefully to keep project efforts on track.

• 24 or 48 ports, standard QSFP28 connectors
- Passive copper cable support
- Active cable support
• 100Gb/s Line Rate
• 100-110ns Switch Latency
• Scalable, predictable low latency under load
• Multiple Virtual Lanes (VLs) per physical port
• Supports virtual fabric partitioning
• Configuration – Fixed (no externally pluggable FRUs)
• AC Entry – Front of box, 110/220 VAC
• Power Supplies – 1 or 2 (1+1 redundant option)
• Cooling – N+1 Fans
• Thermal Failsafe Shutdown
• Serial Number/GUID pull tab label
• Multiple Status Indicators
- Port
- Chassis
- Management
- Ethernet
- Power
- Airflow Direction
• Management board (optional)
- Ethernet (10/100/1000 Base-T) and USB (Serial – Command Line)
- Supports: Out-of-Band chassis management, Subnet Manager, Performance Manager
• External Fabric Manager Enabled Switch (Security Feature)
- Driven by customer settable toggle switch, drives LED & Switch ASIC
- Controls access to fabric management capabilities

Switch Specifications
• Based on Intel® Omni-Path Switch Silicon 100 Series 48 Port ASIC
• 100 Gbps per port bidirectional
• Virtual lanes: Configurable from one to eight VLs plus one management VL
• Configurable MTU size of 2 KB, 4 KB, 8 KB, or 10KB
• Maximum multicast table size: 8192 entries
• Maximum unicast table size: 49151 entries
• Supports QSFP28 Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable cabling
• Passive copper or active fiber cables

Management Features
• Management Card (Optional)
• Built-in Fabric Manager
• Subnet Management Agent (SMA)
• Performance Management Agent (PMA)
• Enables Command Line Interface and Chassis Management GUI through 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
• Enables Serial Console through USB Serial Port
• Supports Embedded Subnet Manager (ESM) and Performance Manager (PM)
• Enables Network Time Protocol (NTP), SNMP/MIBs, and LDAP
• FastFabric Toolset
• Fabric Management GUI

LED status
• Twenty-four (24) or forty-eight (48) link status indicators, one per QSFP28 port (Green)
• Two (2) Ethernet indicators (Off = 10; Green = 100; Orange = 1G)
• Two (2) Chassis indicators (Green – Status; Amber - Attention)
• Two (2) Power Supply, one per supply (Green)
• One (1) Q7 Management Installed, (Green - Installed)
• One (1) External Management Capable, (Green – One or more ports can be directly connected to a Fabric Manager)
• Airflow direction (Green – front-to-back airflow)

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