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Cornelis™ Omni-Path™ Host Fabric Adapter CN-100HFA - Standard - Part ID: 100HFA016FS

SKU: 100HFA016FS
Manufacturer: Cornelis Networks
Cornelis™ Omni-Path™ Host Fabric Interface Adapter 100 Series 1 Port PCIe x16 Standard More details...
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Cornelis™ Omni-Path™ Host Fabric Adapter CN-100HFA - Standard - Part ID: 100HFA016FS
Cornelis™ Omni-Path™ Host Fabric Adapter CN-100HFA - Standard - Part ID: 100HFA016FS
Product Details
Cornelis™ Omni-Path™ Host Fabric Adapter CN-100HFA

Cornelis Networks provides the industry’s leading host fabric adapter, cost effectively delivering high bandwidth while incorporating advanced technologies focused on maximizing message rate while minimizing average and tail latency critical to application performance in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments.

Cornelis Omni-Path Scale-Out Interconnect
Advances in artificial intelligence, high performance data analytics, and traditional modeling and simulation environments, coupled with extremely capable processing and storage infrastructures, are driving unprecedented requirements on the scale out interconnect. Cornelis Omni-Path interconnect is positioned to cost-effectively meet these key challenges.

Accelerate Application Performance
Cornelis Omni-Path Host Fabric Adapters are designed to provide a perfect semantic match between the requirements of real-world applications and the scale out fabric, maximizing scalability and performance at the industry’s lowest price point.

These adapters ensure optimal application performance through delivery of key efficiency features, including dispersive routing and congestion control, complemented by a unique sub-link layer architecture that enables Packet Integrity Protection (zero latency protection against bit transmission errors), and advanced Virtual Fabrics support, and they provide the functionality that actually makes a positive difference in manageability and application performance.

  • Industry leading host fabric interface in price/performance and power consumption
  • Incorporates advanced sub-link layer capability eliminating link protection and tail latency penalties

Key Features
  • Performance
    • 100 Gbps in standard format
    • PCIe x16 host interface
    • Over 160M MPI msg/sec
    • Sub-microsecond MPI latency
  • Highly optimized design
    • Performance scaled messaging
    • OFA compatible
    • Balanced functionality between CPU and network
    • Lowest end-to-end latency at scale
  • Advanced features
    • Dispersive Routing
    • Packet Integrity Protection
    • Congestion Control
    • Virtual Fabrics Support


Adapter Bandwidth 
  • 25 GB/s (100 Gbps per direction)
Form Factor 
  • Standard
I/O Connector 
  • QSFP28
Power (Typ/Max)
  • Without optical transceiver/AOC
    • 7.4/11.7 W
  • With power class 2 optical transceiver/AOC
    • 9.2/13.8 W

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