Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 Series - 400GB - HHHL AIC Form Factor - Part ID: SSDPEDME400G401

Manufacturer: Intel
Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 Series - 400GB - HHHL AIC Form Factor More details...
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Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 Series - 400GB - HHHL AIC Form Factor - Part ID: SSDPEDME400G401
Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 Series - 400GB - HHHL AIC Form Factor - Part ID: SSDPEDME400G401
Product Details
Intel® Solid-State Drive DC P3600 Series

P3600 Series is a PCIe*Gen3 SSD architected with the new high performance controller interface – NVMe* (Non-Volatile Memory express) delivering leading performance, low latency and Quality of Service. Matching the performance with world-class reliability and endurance, P3600 Series offers a range of capacity – 400GB, 800GB, 1.2TB, 1.6TB and 2TB in both Add-In card and 2.5-inch form factor.

With PCIe*Gen3 support and NVMe* queuing interface, the P3600 Series delivers excellent sequential read performance of up to 2.8GB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 1700MB/s. P3600 Series delivers very high random read IOPS of 450K and random write IOPS of 70K for 4KB operations. Taking advantage of the direct path from the storage to the CPU by means of NVMe*, P3600 Series exhibits low latency of less than 20 μs for sequential access to the SSD.

The 2.5-inch P3600 Series takes advantage of the 8639 connector and provides hot-pluggable removal and insertion providing in-service replacement options.

P3600 Series includes these key features:
• Consistently High IOPS and throughput
• Sustained low latency
• Variable Sector Size and End-to-End data-path protection
• Enhanced power-loss data protection
• Power loss protection capacitor self-test
• Out of band management
• Thermal throttling and monitoring


  • 400GB, 800GB, 1.2TB, 1.6TB, 2TB
  • Intel® 20nm MLC NAND Flash Memory
Form Factors
  • 2.5-inch Form Factor
    • 15mm Z-height
    • 8639-compatible connector
  • AIC Form Factor
    • Half-height, Half-length
    • Single slot x4 connector
PCIe* Gen3 x4

  • Seq R/W: Up to 2600/1700MB/s3
  • IOPS Rnd 4KB4 70/30 R/W: Up to 160K
  • IOPS Rnd 4KB4 R/W: Up to 450/56K
  • Seq Latency (typ) R/W: 20/20μs
Operating System Support
  • Windows* Server 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2 x64
  • RHEL* 6.5
  • UEFI 2.3.1
  • Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER): 1 sector per 1017 bits read
  • Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF): 2 million hours
  • T10 DIF protection
  • Variable Sector Size: 512, 520, 528, 4096, 4104, 4160, 4224 Bytes
  • NVM Express* 1.0
  • PCI Express Base Specification Rev 3.0
  • Enterprise SSD Form Factor Version 1.0a
  • PCI Express Card Electro-Mechanical (CEM) Specification Rev 2.0
Certifications and Declarations
  • UL*, CE*, C-Tick*, BSMI*, KCC*, Microsoft* WHQL*, VCCI*
  • 2.5-inch: 3.3V and 12V Supply Rail
  • AIC: 3.3V and 12V Supply Rail
  • Enhanced power-loss data protection
  • Active/Idle (TYP): Up to 25W/4W (TYP)
Endurance Rating
  • Up to 10.95 PBW (Petabytes Written)5 3 Drive Writes/day (JESD219 workload)
Temperature Specification
  • Operating:
    • AIC: 0 to 55° C ambient with specified airflow
    • 2.5-inch: 0 to 35° C ambient, 0 to 70° C case with specified airflow
  • Non-Operating6: -55 to 95° C
  • Temperature monitoring (In-band and by way of SMBUS)
  • Thermal throttling
  • AIC (55° C airflow towards IO bracket7)
    • 400GB: 100 LFM
    • 800GB, 1.2TB, 1.6TB, 2.0TB: 300 LFM
  • 2.5-inch (Airflow towards the connector)
    • 400GB: 250/300 LFM (25/35° C)
    • 800GB: 350/500 LFM (25/35° C)
    • 1.2TB, 1.6TB, 2TB: 450/650 LFM (25/35° C)
  • AIC:
    • 400/800GB up to 185gm
    • 1.2TB, 1.6TB, 2TB up to 195gm
  • 2.5-inch:
    • 400/800GB up to 115gm
    • 1.2TB, 1.6TB, 2TB up to 125gm
  • 2.5-inch: 1,000 G/0.5msec
  • AIC: 50 G Trapezoidal, 170 in/s
  • Operating: 2.17 GRMS (5-700Hz)
  • Non-Operating: 3.13 GRMS (5-800Hz)
Altitude (Simulated)
  • Operating: -1,000 to 10,000 ft
  • Non-Operating: -1,000 to 40,000 ft
Product Ecological Compliance
  • RoHS

1. Performance values vary by capacity and form factor
2. Performance specifications apply to both compressible and incompressible data
3. MB/s = 1,000,000 bytes/second
4. 4KB = 4,096 bytes; 8KB = 8,192 bytes
5. 1PB = 1015 Bytes
6. Please contact your Intel representative for details on the non-operating temperature range
7. Airflow out of server through PCIe*Card Slot

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